Will County Fair
Will County Fair

Power Wheels Derby

Aug 27th @ 3:00PM

Main Gate Area

No cost to enter the power wheels derby.
Entry Forms

• Any regular electric Power Wheel is allowed. No 4-wheeler type vehicles allowed. Child's legs must be in a compartment. Ride in the Power Wheels, not ride on!
• Power Wheels must be provided by entry participants. The Will County Fair does not supply them.
• Kids 3 – 8 years of age are eligible to participate. There are two age groups: 3 - 5 and 6 - 8.
• Helmets must be worn.
• Power Wheels must have seat belts or other driver safety restraints.
• The vehicle is allowed to have UP TO a 12-volt lawn mower battery, which cannot be mounted in the passenger seat and battery must be secured and sealed away from the child.
• All doors and tailgates must be strapped shut. No sharp edges. Use zip ties, duct tape, another flexible product for making them stay shut.
• Tires may be covered in duct tape to prevent them from breaking.
• Motor must remain stock. The only modification allowed is using a lawn mower battery.
• You can add decorations like headers, etc. but they cannot reinforce the car.

Payouts: Payouts are as follows for Power Wheels derby age group:
• 1st place – 5 carnival tickets + trophy
• 2nd place – 4 carnival tickets + ribbon
• 3rd place – 3 carnival tickets + ribbon
• 4th place – 2 carnival tickets + ribbon

To compete, this entry form must be submitted. There is no fee entry for Power Wheels derby, however, participants and parents must pay $5 fair admission fee (if applicable due to age).

** The Power Wheels derby will be relocated to the main gate area. It will not be held on the dirt track. **
ANY questions please call or text Jason at (815) 955-4319 after 6:00 p.m.