Will County Fair Book 2021

Department H-2

Jr Dairy Cattle

Last Updated On 03/29/2021

JAMES MEYER (815) 258-9573 – Superintendent
MELVIN MEYER, Assistant Superintendents
Entries Close Monday, August 5, 2019 – 5:00 p.m.
Estimated Amount Offered $7,630.00
Judging Time — Friday, August 24, 2019 — 9:00 a.m.
Entry Fee — $6.00 per entry

  1. Each Exhibitor must comply with the General Eligibility Rules of this department and the 2019 State Exhibition Livestock Health Requirements.
  2. Animals must be purebred and registered in the name of the junior exhibitor. Registration papers will be required before animals are shown.
  3. Each exhibitor shall be limited to one entry in each class. No exhibitor, however, will be permitted to enter more than two breeds.
  4. Entries in the dairy classes must have been the property of the exhibitor in accordance with the following dates: January 1 of current year for cows, and June 1 of current year for calves.
  5. All animals must have registration papers and be ear-marked if Breeding Association so requires. Registration papers must be made available for inspection by Directors in charge and remain in exhibitors possession for duration of fair.
  6. Registered Red and White Holstein’s are eligible to show.
  7. Due to sanitary conditions NO MILK will be dumped on the ground.
Spring Heifer CalfBorn after 3-1-19 thru 6-1-19
Winter Heifer CalfBorn after 12-1-18 thru 2-28-19
Fall Heifer CalfBorn 9-1-18 thru 11-30-18
Summer YearlingBorn 6-1-18 thru 8-31-18
Spring YearlingBorn 3-1-18 thru 5-31-18
Winter YearlingBorn 12-1-17 thru 2-28-18
Fall YearlingBorn 9-1-17 thru 11-30-17
2 yr. old cowBorn 3-1-16 thru 2-28-17
3 & 4 yr. old CowBorn 9-1-15 thru 8-31-16
Aged CowBorn before 9-1-15

Please use dumpsters stationed at each barn for manure, only.
Cooperation from each exhibitor to help keep the Fairgrounds clean would be appreciated.

( B-W & R-W)
Brown SwissJerseyMilking Shorthorn
Class No.CLASSES1st2nd3rd4th5th
952971990100910281047Spring Heifer Calf24.0023.0022.0021.0020.00
953972991101010291048Winter Heifer Calf24.0023.0022.0021.0020.00
954973992101110301049Fall Heifer Calf 24.0023.0022.0021.0020.00
955974993101210311050Summer Yearling24.0023.0022.0021.0020.00
956975994101310321051Spring Yearling24.0023.0022.0021.0020.00
957976995101410331052Winter Yearling24.0023.0022.0021.0020.00
958977996101510341053Fall Yearling 24.0023.0022.0021.0020.00
959978997101610351054Junior Champion Female (each breed)$15.00 – Rosette
1063Junior Champion Female OAB$20.00 – Rosette
9609799981017103610552 yr. old Cow24.0023.0022.0021.0020.00
9619809991018103710563 & 4 yr. old Cow24.0023.0022.0021.0020.00
9629811000101910381057Aged Cow24.0023.0022.0021.0020.00
9639821001102010391058Dry Cow 3 yr. old & over24.0023.0022.0021.0020.00
9649831002102110401059Sr. Champion Female (each breed)$15.00 – Rosette
1064Sr. Champion Female OAB $20.00 – Rosette
9659841003102210411060Grand Champion Female (each breed)$25.00 – Rosette
SPECIAL AWARDS – No Entry Number Required
1065Grand Champion Dairy Female over all breeds$25.00 Cash Award
Trophy – by Will Co. Fair Assn.
1066Junior Champion ShowmanshipTrophy – by Will Co. Fair Assn.
1067Senior Champion ShowmanshipTrophy – by Will Co. Fair Assn.