Will County Fair Book 2021

Department H-10

Jr Pigeon Show

Last Updated On 03/24/2021

KEN MUNGER, Co-Superintendent 708-258-6965
LAURA MILLS, Co-Superintendent 630-564-6537
Entries Open Friday, July 26, 2019
Entries Close Monday, August 5, 2019 – 5:00 p.m.
Estimated Amount Offered $2,913.50
Judging Time – 9:00 a..m. Wednesday, August 21
Entry Fee – 50¢ per bird and 50¢ per bird coop fee (to be added after your entries are totaled)
Limited to 1 entry per premium number


  1. Junior Department Shows are only for boys and girls who will be 8 years of age or in the third grade and not yet 19 years of age on or before September 1 of the year previous to the fair. (Meaning: Must be between 8-18 years of age by Sept. 1 of the year 2018). Open competition for exhibitors from Illinois and adjoining counties in Indiana, subject to the judgment of the secretary. If classes are filled to capacity, it shall be up to the judgment of the secretary to reject or accept further entries. Group placings are not permitted. Junior Show pigeons must be the property of the boys and girls showing them. If these birds are shown in the Open Classes, they must be shown in the same name. Thus the father is not permitted to show a bird in the Open Class and the daughter or son show the same bird in the Junior Show.
  2. All rules for Open Class Pigeon Show also apply to the Junior Pigeon Show with the exception of one rule – JUNIOR SHOW EXHIBITOR IS LIMITED TO ONE ENTRY PER CLASS NUMBER in junior pigeon show.
  3. Juniors may also enter birds in open class, but not with same birds.
  4. All birds entered by Juniors will be judged in the Junior Class, and money will be paid by the Will County Fair Association.
  5. Exhibitors are responsible for the feed and care of their birds for the duration of the fair.
  6. All wildlife exhibits MUST furnish their own cooping.
  7. All wildlife (except doves) need to be tested for pullorum typhoid.
  8. All wildlife (doves, pheasants, quail & partridge) will be cooped in the Poultry Barn.
  9. All birds must be shown by their owner. If this is not possible, the exhibitor must notify the superintendent or one of the assistant superintendents. Decisions will be made at the superintendent’s discretion.



Champion – Rosette for each breed that has at least 10 birds and 2 separate exhibitors.
Reserve Champion – Rosette for breeds with 20 or more birds and 2 separate exhibitors.
#2945 – $5.00 – Trophy & Rosette for Best of Show Pigeon – Trophy Donated by Most Feed and Garden.