Will County Fair Book 2021

Department B

Dairy Cattle

Last Updated On 03/30/2021

JAMES MEYER, Superintendent
(815) 258-9573
MELVIN MEYER, Assistant Superintendents
Entries Close Monday, August 5, 2019 – 5:00 p.m.
Estimated Amount Offered $19,740.00

Judging time – 9:00 a.m. Friday, August 23, 2019

  • Entry Fee – $10.00 per entry
  • Stall Rent – $5.00 per head for duration of Fair

Entry and Stall Fee must be paid at time entry is made.

  1. Registration papers are required for all purebred livestock and must be made available for inspection by Directors in charge and remain in exhibitors possession for duration of fair.
  2. Health Rules: See 2019 State Exhibition Livestock Health Requirements.
  3. All animals must be earmarked if Breeding Association so requires.
  4. Registered Red and White Holsteins are eligible to show.
  5. All dry cows must show in dry cow classes.
  6. Due to sanitary conditions, NO MILK will be dumped on the ground.
  7. Each exhibitor is limited to two entries per class number and may collect only two monies under one class number.


Spring Heifer CalfBorn after 3-1-19 thru 6-1-19
Winter Heifer CalfBorn after 12-1-18 thru 2-28-19
Fall Heifer CalfBorn 9-1-18 thru 11-30-18
Summer YearlingBorn 6-1-18 thru 8-31-18
Spring YearlingBorn 3-1-18 thru 5-31-18
Winter YearlingBorn 12-1-17 thru 2-28-18
Fall YearlingBorn 9-1-17 thru 11-30-17
2 yr. old CowBorn 3-1-16 thru 2-28-17
3 & 4 yr. old CowBorn 9-1-15 thru 8-31-16
Aged CowBorn before 9-1-15

Trophies Donated by Heritage FS and Will County Fair



AyrshireGuernseyHolstein (B-W & R-W)Brown SwissJerseyMilking Shorthorn
Class No.Classes1st2nd3rd4th5th6th
165184203222241260Spring Heifer Calf504846444240
166185204223242261Winter Heifer Calf504846444240
167186205224243262Fall Heifer Calf504846444240
168187206225244263Summer Yearling504846444240
169188207226245264Spring Yearling504846444240
170189208227246265Winter Yearling504846444240
171190209228247266Fall Yearling504846444240
172191210229248267Jr. Champion Female$15.00 – Rosette
1731922112302492682 year old Cow504846444240
1741932122312502693 & 4 year old Cow504846444240
175194213232251270Aged Cow504846444240
176195214233252271Dry Cow 3 year old & over504846444240
177196215234253272Late Junior Yearling Heifer$15.00 – Rosette
178197216235254273Grand Champion Female each breed$20.00 – Rosette
179198217236255274Best Udder504846444240
SPECIAL AWARD – No Entry Number Required
Grand Champion Cow over all breedsTrophy by Heritage F.S.