Will County Fair Book 2021



Last Updated On 03/25/2021

DAN YOUNKER – Superintendent
Entries Open Friday, July 26, 2019
Entries Close Monday, August 5, 2019 – 5:00 p.m.
Estimated Amount Offered $1,320.00
Entry Fee — $1.00 per entry Judging Time — 9:30 a.m., Wednesday, August 21

Entries can be brought in the Main Exhibit Building Tues., Aug. 20 from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Wed., Aug. 21 from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. Sharp! — Building closes at 9:00 a.m. for judging. Sun., Aug. 25 the Fine Arts building will close at 7:00 p.m. The building will then re-open once the entries are prepared for pickup, and will remain open until 9:00 p.m. Fine Arts exhibitors will enter/exit through the North gate on Sunday to pick up exhibits.

All flowers and greens must be grown by the exhibitor in all classes. No artificial purchased flowers, foliage, nuts or fruits may be used. No altered plant materials such as glitter or paint. Flowers to be displayed in jars or inexpensive containers–to be cut with as long a stem as possible. Plants must be potted at least one month in advance of the Fair. Hanging plants–plant should hang no more than 12” from bottom of pot.

Class NoPLANTS1st2nd3rd
2038Jade Plant                                    
2039Foliage Plant, other than Coleus                  
2040Tuberous Begonia in bloom                     
2041Christmas Cactus                              
2042Cactus in Pot                                  
2043Coleus, any variety                             
2045Hanging Basket                               
2046Potted Geranium, any variety                     
2047Collection of 5 Plants, each in separate pot          
2049Ivy, any kind                                  
2050New or Rare Plant (Include Name)                
2051Potted Gloxinia                                
2052Best Specimen of any Plant                      
2053Best Specimen of any Plant in Bloom              
2054African Violet                                 
2055Garden in Glass (Assorted growing plants in any covered glass container)
2056Best of Show (No entry number required)                    $5.00 – Rosette
Class No.CUT FLOWERS (Fresh)1st2nd3rd
(Display of more stems or spikes than designated will not be judged)
2057Sweet William, 5 multi-flowered stems             
2058Snapdragons, 5 multi-flowered spikes              
2059Bellflower, 5 multi-flowered spikes                
2060Asters, 5 single-flowered stems                   
2061Dahlias, Large, 5 single-flowered stems            
2062Dahlias, Small, 5 single-flowered stems            
2063Dahlias, Small Cactus Flowered, 5 single-flowered stems
2064Verbenas, 5 multi-flowered stems                 
2065Zinnias, Large, 5 single-flowered stems            
2066Zinnias, Small, 5 single-flowered stems            
2067Zinnias, Cactus, 5 single-flowered stems            
2068Zinnias, Green, 5 single-flowered stems            
2069Zinnias, Dahlia, 5 single-flowered stems            
2070Zinnias, Peppermint, 5 single-flowered stems6.005.004.00
2071Zinnias, Persian Carpet, 5 single-flowered stems6.005.004.00
2072Zinnias, Baby or Pompon, 5 single-flowered stems6.005.004.00
2073Zinnias, Mexican, 5 single-flowered stems6.005.004.00
2074Petunias, Large, Fringed or Ruffled Flowers, all one color, 5 single-flowered stems6.005.004.00
2075Petunias, Large, Fringed or Ruffled Flowers, mixed colors, 5 single-flowered stems6.005.004.00
2076Petunias, all double, all one color, 5 single-flowered stems
2077Petunias, all double, mixed colors, 5 single-flowered stems
2078Petunias, single, all one color, 5 single-flowered stems
2079Petunias, single, mixed colors, 5 single-flowered stems
2080Gladiolus, mixed colors, 5 multi-flowered spikes     
2081Gladiolus, one color, 5 multi-flowered spikes        
2082Salvia, 5 multi-flowered spikes                   
2083Scabious, 5 single-flowered stems                 
2084Tithonia, 5 single-flowered stems                 
2085Lilies, Oriental or Trumpet, 5 single-flowered stems  
2086Cosmos, Single, 5 single-flowered stems6.005.004.00
2087Cosmos, Double, 5 single-flowered stems           
2088Pansies, 10 single-flowered stems                 
2089Carnations, 5 single-flowered stems               
2090Calendula, 5 single-flowered stems                
2091Phlox, Annual, 5 multi-flowered stems             
2092Phlox, Perennial, 5 multi-flowered stems6.005.004.00
2093Marigolds, Large, 5 single-flowered stems6.005.004.00
2094Marigolds, Small, 5 single-flowered stems6.005.004.00
2095Roses, 5 single-flowered stems                   
2096Pinks, 5 single-flowered stems                    
2097Coxcomb, 5 single-flowered stems                
2098Nasturtiums, Single, 10 single-flowered stems       
2099Nasturtiums, Double, 10 single-flowered stems      
2100Gaillardia, 5 single-flowered stems                
2101Chrysanthemums, 5 multi-flowered stems           
2102Cannas, 5 multi-flowered stems                   
2103Glorisa Daisy, 5 single-flowered stems             
2104Sunflowers, 5 single-flowered stems under 7” diameter
2105Statice, 5 multi-flowered stems                   
2106Single specimen Dahlia, Small                    
2107Single specimen Dahlia, Large                    
2108Single specimen Gladiolus                       
2109Single specimen Rose                           
2110Single specimen Sunflower, under 6’’              
2111Single Specimen Sunflower, over 6’’               
2112Plain White Daisy                              
2113Best of Show (No Entry Number Required)                  $5.00 & Rosette
2114Wedding Bouquet (flowers grown from your garden)  
2116Presentation of Flowers (tied together, or wrapped, not in a vase)
2117Fresh Cut Flower Arrangement (grown from your garden)
2118Arrangement, (in old boot or shoe)                
2119Arrangement, using a candle                     
2120Arrangement, Occasional Table                   
2121Arrangement, Wild Flower (in basket)              
2122Fall Harvest Arrangement                       
2123Arrangement in Coffee/Tea Cup and Saucer         
2124Arrangement, Patriotic America in Red, White and Blue Flowers (flowers only)                  
2125Best Arranged Basket Assorted Flowers            
2126Painted Flower Pot-empty                       
2127Best of Show (No Entry Number Required)                  $5.00 & Rosette
2128Championship Award                                   Trophy