Will County Fair Book 2021

Department I-1


Last Updated On 03/29/2021

Open Show Poultry

APA Sanctioned

(708) 258-6020
RICK & KATHY WHITE, Toni Opyt, LORRAINE SELUCKY, Asst. Superintendents

Judging Time – 8:00 am, August 24th
Entries Close Monday, August 5, 2019
Estimated Amount Offered $1,237.00

Entry Fee – 50 cents per bird, 50 center per pair
Coop fee – Chickens 50 cents per bird, Ducks, Geese, and Turkeys $1.00 per bird

. ALL BIRDS MUST BE AT LEAST 4 MONTHS OLD TO SHOW. All birds over 4 months must be
tested for pullorum thyphoid, prior to entering fairgrounds. Waterfowl do not require testing. USDA
flock testing report or NPIP card must be presented to superintendent before caging.

  1. Young birds are under one year. Old birds are older than one year.
  2. Entries are limited to 2 entries of each sanctioned variety per breed, and limited to 2 prize monies per class number. BREED AND VARIETY MUST BE LISTED ON ENTRY FORM.
  3. All exhibitors must supply their own feed, and feed and water their birds at least once daily, no exceptions.
  4. Duck, goose, turkey exhibitors must supply their own feeders and non-spillable waterers.
  5. Tags will be attached to assigned cages, no changes to tags or cages are permitted.
  6. All birds must remain inside of poultry barn during the entire fair, see superintendent for exceptions.
  7. Poultry will be judged based on “The American Standard of Perfection.”
  8. Will County Fair Assn. will not be responsible for accidents or loss by fire, storm, or otherwise.

All birds must be in show coops by 12 noon on Wednesday, August 21.
Superintendents will coop birds, Tuesday 6pm to 10pm, and Wednesday until 12 noon.
All birds must be removed by 10pm., the last night of the fair, no exceptions.
All bantams and standards will be assessed a per bird coop fee of .50.
Ducks, turkeys and geese a per bird coop fee of $1.00

PRIZE MONEY: 1st – $5.00, 2nd – $4.00, 3rd – $3.00, 4th – $2.00

1609161016111612Single comb clean legged (Rocks)
1617161816191620Modern and Old English game
1621162216231624Rosecomb clean legged
1625162616271628All Other Featherlegs
1629163016311632All Other Purebreds, all other combs clean-legged
1636163716381639Continental (Polish, Hamburg, etc.)
1640164116421643Guinea (All Varieties)
1644164516461647Mediterranean (Leghorn, etc.)
1648164916501651American (RI Red, Jersey, etc.)
1652165316541655Asiatic (Cochin & Brahma, etc.)
1656165716581659 English (Orpington, Sussex, etc.)
1660166116621663All Other Purebreds
All pairs must show as singles. Limited to 1 pair per class number.
Old TomOld HenOld PairYoung TomYoung HenYoung Pair
Old GanderOld GooseOld PairYoung GooseYoung GanderYoung Pair
167016711672167316741675–Heavy (Embden)
168216831684168516861687–Medium & Light (All Other Breeds)
Old DrakeOld DuckOld PairYoung DrakeYoung DrakeYoung DuckYoung Pair
1688168916901691169116921693–Heavy (Pekin)
1694169516961697169716981699–Medium (Rouen, Buff, etc.)
1700170117021703170317041705–Light & Bantam (Runner, Call, etc.)
1708Costume Class: Open to any bird already entered in open or Junior show – Ribbon (no entry fee)
1712Champion Bantam – Rosette
1713Champion Large Fowl – Rosette
1714Champion Turkey – Rosette
1715Champion Waterfowl – Rosette
1716Bird Judged Best of Show – $5.00 – Rosette and Trophy (Trophy given by Tri-K Pigeon
& Bantam Club)